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How It Works


To join the wine club it's easy: simply continue to the packages page, and choose one of our packages. Package prices will vary slightly after calculating shipping to major cities in Canada. Additional charges may apply to rural areas and may vary by location.

We ship on a quarterly basis, in March, June, September and December, to the location you'd like. As a very exclusive operation, we understand that it’s not always easy to find our wines in the marketplace. And when you do, the retail pricing can be jarring. Joining our wine club ensures you can find the wine you want, and get it at a very exceptional price.



So you liked that wine you received or you had an exceptional food pairing all lined up? Don’t keep it quiet; share your comments, feedback, food pairing suggestions and general thoughts about the wine you receive in our exclusive social community. There are no wrong answers as you learn about what your fellow wine club members liked (or disliked) about each wine. Learn more simply by being part of the experience!

Having a special event or maybe you’d just like more? No problem. Wine club members can increase their allotment anytime (as inventory permits). Your wine will ship with your next shipment, making it even easier to secure the best of the best wines. Additionally we encourage you to purchase gift items for friends, since our wine makes fantastic gifts.



Our online store is set up so you can order our wine and enjoy it whenever you want. You can browse to discover our diverse varietal selection, or you can use the search function to find your favorite right away. Follow all the steps at checkout to purchase your online order, and you can expect your selected products soon!

Club Specifics


We ship all across Canada but are unfortunately unable to ship to PO Box addresses. You can have your orders delivered to either your home or office. Shipping rates are charged as flat rates per province. And of course, someone over the age of 19 must be present to sign for the delivery.

Amount of wine

Depending on the package you choose you will receive six or twelve bottles with each shipment. We generally ship at the beginning of March, June, September and December, but might delay shipments by a few weeks to include some new upcoming releases or specialty wines.

$0 Initiation fee / $0 Cancellation fee

No extra fees here. You only pay for the wine that is delivered directly to your door.

In depth experience package

Our goal is to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible, and as such strive to remain paperless. So, you won’t receive long letters or stacks of technical sheets with your shipments, but you will be able to access all those notes online at any time. We also put together special information packages, with seasonal updates, recipes for pairing selections, and photo collections alongside each shipment.

Makes a great gift!

Know someone that loves wine? Why not buy them a few months as a gift? Simply check out the gift packages area. When you checkout you can set the quantity (equal to the amount of months) you’d like to purchase. Our packages are also great as a corporate gift because we can deliver directly to your client’s office.

Why do gifts cost more?

We include a customized gift card with each purchase. Simply leave a personalized message in the order and we’ll make sure to design the card with your words. Then again if you did want to save a few bucks you can always sign up for a subscription, and give your generous gift in person!

When will I receive my wine?

Wine packages are shipped out to our members four times a year. You will receive an email notification prior to each shipment in March, June, September and December. Packages generally ship out at the beginning of the month, but we may delay shipments occasionally to include a special or upcoming release. We’ll confirm the shipping date a month prior to any billings by email.


If you choose a subscription you will be billed 10 days prior to your next shipment until you cancel your membership. If you choose a gift you will be billed only for the number of months you select.

Still unsure?

Find out more by reading our list of Frequently Asked Questions