The Tasting Bar Endeavour

As we’ve mentioned previously, we’ve been working to open our new tasting bar in Oliver more and more – to date we’ve invited guests in for the past three consecutive weekends and will begin opening 5 days per week very soon.

However, getting to this point has been fraught with challenges.

Originally, we were planning to open for the May Long Weekend, but with a liquor licensing branch overwhelmed by the influx of new cannabis applications (handled by the same office!), some freak heavy rains damaging exposed woodwork, and many other tiny, but cumulative setbacks, we’re just getting to the end zone now.

For this season, we will be keeping the space quite simplistic, hosting broad tastings of our wines daily. It is an intimate space with sweeping views of the valley that can make focusing on the wines, instead of staring out the window, sometimes difficult.

Over the winter we will be putting more of our personalized touch on the space, paving the way for hosting patio tastings, sundowner flights into the evenings, and other exciting ways to enjoy the space.

The actual construction of the space has been a really interesting experience, despite all the setbacks and hiccups. Constructed from three separate shipping containers, they’ve been cut, modified and welded to create a unique indoor/outdoor space, flanked by a gigantic wrap around deck. The building sits atop the vineyard, elevated above the top of the trellis, providing panoramic views from the comfort of your seat at the tasting bar, or couch on the patio.

During the design process, we were asked the containers should be clad in some kind of trim, to hide the fact that they were built from containers. We insisted against that idea, and instead embracing the large door hardware, exposed I-beams exposed ceilings. The distinctly industrial exterior is contrasted against end-to-end black quartz countertops, satin grey millwork, and touches of yellow leather, which together creates a truly unique tasting space.

We look forward to inviting you in throughout the fall, or again the spring when the good weather returns. In the meantime, feel free to contact us at any time should you have questions, comments or concerns.